Summer Dental Habits You Should Break

Summer Dental Habits You Should Break

There are a few bad, oral health habits that may have come into play during the summer months. Let’s take a look at five that you may have acquired this summer and options for how we can help you at Plainfield Dental Care.

Frequent snacking

While occasional snack breaks help keep energy levels stable, frequent snacking can make enamel more susceptible to tooth decay. Each time a person eats, it takes 20 – 30 minutes for saliva to neutralize the pH levels in the mouth. During this time, enamel is weakened and open to attack. Make an appointment for a comprehensive dental exam to check your teeth for signs of any decay, the removal of plaque and for a teeth cleaning.   

Chewing ice

Ice and summer go hand-in-hand, resulting in a number of dental incidents. Chewing on ice can chip or crack a tooth and it can also irritate the soft tissues in the mouth. Contact us today to discuss the right options for you.

Sugary drinks

Summer is full of cold sodas and sports drinks to quench thirst. The problem is that these drinks are full of sugar, which puts you at risk of tooth decay. If this happened, stop in and discuss CEREC same day crowns.

Inconsistent routine

It’s easy to forget about daily routines when traveling during the summer or spending a long day outside. It might be tempting to go to bed without brushing teeth or flossing but this can lead to cavities. Do you think you might have a cavity? At Plainfield Dental Care we can take care all of your dental fillings needs.

Playing sports without a mouth guard

The carefree days of summer may mean playing sports and doing activities without all of the safety gear they normally wear. The teeth and mouth are then wide open for an accident, including chipped or broken teeth as well as even losing a tooth. Did this happen to you this summer? Let us know and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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