Top Dental Tips for Halloween from Dr. Ferdkoff at Plainfield Dental Care

Top Dental Tips for Halloween from Dr. Ferdkoff at Plainfield Dental Care

It’s that time of year when the whole family comes together for trick-or-treating on Halloween! While this Holiday brings fun Fall activities and family bonding, it also brings with it the dental nightmare, called candy. Children will collect all types of candies throughout the evening, and at least 80% of parents will enjoy some candy with their kids. For all the young and old candy lovers out there this October 31st, Plainfield Dental Care and Dr. Ferdkoff have outlined our top dental tips for a healthier Halloween this year.

Be SelectiveTop Dental Tips for Halloween from Dr. Ferdkoff at Plainfield Dental Care

Not all Halloween treats are scary! Our tip is to encourage parents and children to eat the candy that melts quickly. It’s best to avoid chewy candies, like caramels and gummies, as well as hard candies, like lollipops, because these tend to linger on the teeth and in the mouth.

Hide the Excess Candy

It’s harder to avoid candy if it’s prominently placed around your home! Hide it away in a cupboard or pantry. Allow kids to have a treat or two as a dessert or during a snack time, but not at multiple times throughout the day.

Avoid Grazing

This tip will be easy if the excess candy is hidden! The more that sugar is present in the mouth, the greater the chances of tooth decay. Have your candy as an after meal treat. Remember to brush your teeth after eating candy, or at least rinse your mouth with water.

Eat a Healthy Meal First

Fill up on a healthy, nutritious meal before having some candy. This will give both children (and parents!) less temptation to eat too much candy. Overdoing your candy consumption can not only harm your teeth, but it may also make you feel sick!

This Halloween does not have to be a time being scared of potential dental problems. Everyone deserves sweet treats here and there! These tips are meant to give both parents and children our best dental hygiene tricks to maintain great dental health throughout Halloween and the rest of the year and to avoid dental fillings.

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